Media Training

“No one’s better at getting spokespersons and their messages ready for prime time than Michael Sheehan.”

Mark Shields, National Syndicated Columnist/PBS NewsHour

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This intensive on-camera training lets you develop the skills, techniques, and strategies you need to handle the broad range of interviews in the real world of media – print, electronic broadcast, and on-line. We have prepared clients to speak on the most complex issues against the toughest adversaries in the biggest arenas.

Understanding rather than fearing media coverage is where we start. The underlying goal is to build confidence and control. We use the most advanced techniques including multiple, simulated on-camera or audio recorded interviews and a vast range of actual broadcast news video clips and printed material examples.

Sheehan Associates designs training based on each client’s individual needs. We talk with our clients, learn their issues, assess their needs and develop programs tailored accordingly. No two programs are exactly alike.

No firm can offer the quality of our on-camera coaching, interview strategy and media techniques.

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