Political Communications

"Sheehan is really an enhancer. He takes people who know what they want to say and helps them communicate it better. It's the best of what consulting ought to be about."
– Mike McCurry
Former White House Press Secretary

Candidate Coaching
Candidates from across the nation and abroad turn to Sheehan Associates for media training, public speaking coaching and broadcast debate preparation. We have coached more Presidents, Vice Presidents, Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, Senators, Mayors and Representatives than anyone else in the country. We have prepared speakers for every forum from national conventions to Presidential Debates to State of the Union broadcasts.

Government Testimony Preparation
Washington DC and state capitals can sometimes be unfamiliar uncharted waters for corporate and association executives. The Government Testimony work prepares clients to appear before a Congressional hearing, state legislature, city council or regulatory panel. Occasionally, testimony can become high stakes, high wire, high impact events. Sheehan Associates is uniquely qualified to be part of the team preparing witnesses who will be watched ... and scrutinized ... by Congress, regulators, the media and the public.

We cover the formalities and the procedures with lecture/demonstrations, specific examples and our exclusive video interviews with members of Congress, state legislators, regulators and their staffs. We present the principles of effective personal communication, adapting them to the various types of formal testimony – from prepared statements to extemporaneous comments to the Q&A which follows.

Grassroots Preparation/Programs
Miller Brewing declared grassroots political action a major organizational goal. This required a massive education program to define their goals, teach the basics and motivate the forces. Grassroots lobbying and one-on-one meetings with legislators had to be brought alive.

Sheehan Associates was hired to conduct workshops at national, state and regional meetings. Special video productions featuring members of Congress, state legislators and their staffs were combined with dynamic lecture/demonstrations and practical hand-outs to guide more than 2,000 distributors and employees.