Message Development

Michael Sheehan with Barack Obama
"Michael Sheehan is a master at message development. He breaks down complex and controversial issues into memorable messages that resonate with the audiences that matter most. He equips executives and spokespeople with the skills needed to deliver the message consistently and effectively. And he is a very quick study. It doesn't take him long to break down the most vexing issues and create a clear strategy for telling the story."
R. Jeep Bryant, Executive Vice President
BNY Mellon

The art and science of condensing organizational/corporate information into a convincing message and then expressing it memorably in "soundbite" form is an increasingly critical skill. The inherent brevity of media space forces the discipline upon all. Those unable to express complex ideas in short, pithy quotes often find themselves on the cutting room floor or fall victim to the editor's blue pencil.

The right strategic message expressed quotably can make the difference between appearing or not appearing in the final product. And there's no question that the media only turns (and returns) to those who can "talk the talk."

Michael Sheehan has not only helped shape the message but has written the very quotes and soundbites which have scored in every major American newspaper, wire service, all three network news programs and cable networks.

Corporations and organizations alike regularly face the painful challenge of how to condense complex, multi-faceted issues into concise points which are relevant to the public and quotable to the media.

"Message development is just as critical on Wall Street. Whether in the Wall Street Journal, for analyst's presentations and calls, IPO road shows, M&A work or shareholder meetings, a strategic approach to message is an essential part of final success."

— Michael Sheehan

Sheehan Associates has developed a unique, copyrighted system to help you do all that. Beyond helping with the message challenge at hand, we show you how to replicate it yourself as other issues emerge.

Issues management has become a standard corporate and organizational need. Sheehan Associates shows you how to meet it.

Sheehan Associates has taught its system to companies and organizations such as JP Morgan Chase, Charles Schwab, American Express, Procter & Gamble, American Bar Association, Nike, Disney, Bank of America and many others.