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Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan has been a leader in the field of communications consulting since 1981. Michael has prepared countless corporate spokespersons for the major national television interview programs…

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Kelly Burke

Kelly Burke is Sheehan Associates' communications specialist with more than thirty years' experience in television, radio, speech, theater and journalism. For twenty years, Kelly worked as a TV news reporter…

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Christine Jahnke

Since 1990, Christine Jahnke has worked with Sheehan Associates as a media and public speaking coach. She works with Fortune 500 executives, Olympic athletes, Members of Congress, authors and scientists to help them…

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Stephen Allen

Steve Allen brings to Sheehan Associates almost 20 years of experience as a communications coach; specializing in message development, media interviews, public speaking, and confrontational debate preparation…

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Dan Buck

Dan Buck has worked with hundreds of speakers — from governors, U.S. Senators and Representatives to presidential nominees. He has assisted Michael Sheehan in preparing prime-time speakers at the Democratic national conventions since 1988…

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