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Message from the President

"Sheehan Associates is M’m M’m Good! Michael’s a master at shaping a message. Whether he’s adding the perfect turn of phrase or dialing up the right emphasis in all the right places, Michael has the uncanny ability to take a speech from good to great."
Campbell Soup Company
President & Chief Executive Officer

Three old sayings come to mind.
“You can tell the quality of a person by the quality of the company they keep,” is the first. And you can tell the quality of a company by the quality of the clients who work with them on an ongoing basis.

Consider the following: Nike, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, 3M, Lockheed Martin, United Airlines, Aetna, FedEx, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Chevron, Siemens, Campbell’s. These are just some of the major corporations who look to Sheehan Associates for the strategy of message and the techniques of delivery to achieve their objectives. National trade associations and public interest groups bring us on board: from the American Bar Association to the Investment Council Institute and from the American Cancer Society to Planned Parenthood. Private equity and hedge funds like Citadel, NEA and Providence Equity, along with major universities like the University of Pennsylvania and NYU know the value Sheehan Associates brings. And when we say “we work with,” we mean on an ongoing basis, not a one-off event. And we mean we work at the highest levels -- C-Suite, Executive Directors and SVPs. New York Magazine coined the phrase ‘the Sheehan effect’ for a reason.

The second saying: “Change is the only constant.” That doesn’t even begin to describe what companies and organizations face today in an internet-accelerated, 24/7 continuous news cycle with ever-increasing regulatory and public scrutiny. That’s why Sheehan Associates has become a “first call” for those wishing to attract attention or effectively respond to attack. Consider the cascade of forums where clients need our help: speeches and presentations - print and electronic media interviews - earnings calls and IPO’s - press conferences and shareholder meetings - political debates and industry panels - book/movie tours and trial/witness preparation - governmental hearings and crisis response. What clients say and how they say it has never been more critical. Your substance and style must have breakthrough quality to reach your audiences and persuade decision makers.

But, what hasn’t changed at Sheehan Associates is how we work with clients. It begins by recognizing that each client is unique and that no cookie-cutter approach is allowed. We are responsive to individual needs; we’ll work with a client’s in-house team (staff, counsel and/or consultants) to understand the issues and challenges so that our services are responsive and effective. Second, we have a small staff of veterans who serve our clients with unswerving quality; our associates average sixteen years tenure, guaranteeing clients the experience and consistency expected from Sheehan Associates.

The third saying: “Listen to what others say.” Fast Company wrote, “Michael Sheehan is the secret weapon behind the world’s best communicators.” Better yet, the head of a major communications firm was quoted as saying in a major trade publication, “[communications consulting guru Michael Sheehan] is kind of the gold standard.” If that’s what our competitors say about us, imagine what our clients say.